Performance Horses

Steel Poppy Regent

15.1hh, Gelding, Arabian, DOB 1/8/2005

Willandra Desert Wind x Bremervale Chorlito

Regent is a quiet, athletic gelding with a long-striding, forward movement. Regent was purchased from Jan Tyrell in Queensland in 2013, and has since competed with West Coast Arabians for 5 years with an outstanding completion record. 

Regent has completed 1x 160km, 1x 120km, and 1x FEI 80km*.

Regent will be working towards attaining his 3000km mileage award in 2019. 

West Coast Kia

14.3hh, Mare, Arabian, DOB 20/10/2010

West Coast Acharon x Statuesque

West Coast Kia (Kia) is a strong, balanced mare. Kia has very fast recoveries and a low resting heart rate. Kia was bred by West Coast Arabians and was broken in at the age of 4.

Since then, Kia is excelling in the field of endurance. 

Kia has completed 1x 120km and 1x FEI 80km*. 

Kia will hopefully complete an FEI 120km** in 2019. 

Sandstorm Spellbound

14.2hh, Mare, Arabian, DOB 4/11/2009

Lauralyn Bay Magic x Spellbound Krisana

Ella is a competitive, forward moving and agile mare. Ella is very bold out on track and has a huge stride. Ella was purchased from Victoria in 2016 and has been at West Coast Arabians for 3 years. 

Ella has had extensive flatwork training and is soft and supple. 

Ella has 100% completion and has been awarded Best Conditioned Horse at the majority of her rides. 

Ella has completed 1x 120km and 1x FEI 80km* ride. 

Ella will hopefully complete her first FEI 120km** and 160km rides in 2019. 

Pembrooke Park Royalty

15.2hh, Gelding, Anglo Arabian, DOB 21/11/2012

Cranston Park Khaan x Arnie's Girl

Max is a strong, tall gelding with solid bones. He is very athletic and has a long, loping stride. Max has had extensive ground and flatwork training, making him very easy to train. 

Max became a Qualified Endurance horse in 2018. 

Max successfully completed his first FEI 80km* for Best Condition and First Place in 2019. 

Cabrillas Heir

14.2hh, Gelding, Arabian, DOB 11/02/2010

Heir to Glory x AM Cap Gaybrilla 

Kibbles to a pocket rocket endurance horse bred in the US and imported to Australia by Oso Arabians in NSW.

We purchased Kibby in 2019 and look forward to continuing his excellent endurance record here in WA. 

Jest a Golden Gift

15.3hh, Gelding, 90% Arabian, Palomino, DOB 12/9/12

Kalody Park Beraq x Ariel Tarahumahara (Aquanitor)

Jest a Golden Gift (aka Buddy) is a beautifully tempered and athletic gelding.

Buddy will begin his endurance and show career in 2019.